Lary Stover - Professional Photographer

My first interest in photography was in 1962 while attending college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I earned a marketing degree. Over the many years since then I have enjoyed taking family photos. In 1995 I started as a freelance commercial photographer in conjunction with website design.

I take pictures that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. Pictures that live up to the aphorism "one picture is worth a thousand words."

Portrait Photography - I can take the photo you need for your publicity and I also do selective personal portrait photography.

Business Photography - Every business needs photos of their business, for advertising and for possible insurance claims in the future.

My primary camera is a Leica V-Lux which provides for both still and HD video photography such as is needed for YouTube type websites. Click here for more camera information.

My photography Services are provided on-site and in my private Kingman, Arizona studio which is shown below. Off-street parking is available for up to 15 vehicles.

Since 1995 I have also enjoyed helping people present their companies to the world via the internet.

There are charges for photography consultation, services and travel.

The subject may have a friend take their own additional cell phone images during the photography session.
By Appointment Only
In addition to the black backdrop structure, blue, green and white 10' x 20' roll-down backdrop cloths are available for "no background" photography. Subjects may choose which background they want to be photographed in front of. Software then allows for placing the image on a variety of backgrounds. A discussion will be held to determine what services the subject needs and the charges for the services before the photography session begins.
Multiple overhead lighting options are available. Additional floor stand lighting is also available.
Comfortable seating is provided for guests.
A kitchen area is perfect for snack preparation. Bottled water is provided.
Make Up Area
A large changing area is available. Subjects are encouraged
to bring multiple outfits to be photographed in.
A 25' x 40' enclosed courtyard
is being added behind the studio.
The studio has a clean, newly remodeled rest room.
No smoking in the studio. Copyright 2017.